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Hi, I'm Aaron!

I grew up in Berkeley, CA and attended California College of the Arts in San Francisco.
There I studied industrial design and learned to build and create. Eventually

finding a passion for designing clothing, bags, and small functional products.


After working for

years as a designer, I moved down to Los Angeles to pursue dreams of starting my own brand.

Quiet Lines was born from my love of design and appreciation for hand made goods.

There is something special about hand made products. The attention to detail

put into each item, is impossible to replicate with traditional mass manufacturing.

I want people to understand the effort and care that is put into even the smallest items

we use everyday.

Yellow Bi-Fold 2_edited.jpg

To change our perception on how we value items and tools

is the best way to live a waste-less and sustainable life.

I want all of my products to stay with you for life. To seamlessly fit into every day so you'll

never need a new one.

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MON - FRI:  8am - 5pm PST

SATURDAY:   9am - 12pm PST

SUNDAY:   Closed

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